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Educating with Unifiedknowledge:
Foundation Course One (pedagogy)

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The Black Open University (BOU) is a new institution being developed through a partnership between Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL), Abundance Centres (UK) and Peoplescience Intelligence Unit.

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Continuing our consortium’s commitment to unified approaches to learning (Unifiedknowledge) we see BOU as a leading driver of open, distance and e-learning services developed from an African place of being. Through BOU a global service and support network is being born, giving better life to human potential (African and all) in ways that have not yet been realised. Key to this is supporting learning and education processes that are nature-centred, family directed, community-led and truly respectful of learner-heritage.

BOU works closely with Unifiedknowledge Global and Abundance Centres:

  • Member Trusts and associates

  • uLearn Naturally Learners’ Cooperative

  • Home-School Knowledge Exchanges (HSKE) and

  • uLearn Naturally Media Services

BOU courses and services that are focused on:

  1. STEAM learning (STEM + the Arts; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Mathematics)

  2. Educational pedagogy from an African place of being

    • teacher training for both parents and professional educators

    • curriculum development (personal, family, institutional and national)

    • support with educational reform (policy, implementation and on-going-operations)

  1. Hosted Webinars and eConferences

    • BOU working with AC(UK) and Peoplescience we provide a platform for online seminars (webinars).

    • We also provide a platform for online and mixed-mode (blended-mode) conferences, workshops, meetings and STEAM related educational events.

  1. Preparing learners and organisations, using open, distance and eLearning, to properly contribute to the development of dignified (majestic) life-long learning globally (especially panAfrica).

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Thank you for your interest and support;

uLearn, uKnow, uBe.

Educating with Unifiedknowledge
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