Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province

creative allegory on the profound nature of space and life. Meta & Quantum – Physics & Maths for both young and maturing children, families and teachers too.

This course is based on the book Abit's Secret:

Abit's Secret reveals a new creative and integrated way to learn the first key ideas of inner and outer space;  Now Science, the Arts & Maths are naturally unified fun for all.

Abit's Secret book cover

ISBN: 978-0-9528229-8-1, A5 size, 100 pages.

Abit's Secret is an imaginary pop-up book that journeys deeply into space to reveal its beautiful creative patterns (as found when studying life with maths and science).  As an 'edutaining' story expressed in the classic የጥምር፡ዕውቀት፡፡ unifiedknowledge way, it connects us to the deepest ideas of energy, matter and mind as children, families and the young at heart globally.  Parents and teachers work through this story with the young Ones until they can fly through it themselves as truly independent learners. Remember, as interests pop-up nurture and guide them.

Order your copy of the book now, then do this course to gain the deepest overstanding.