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What does the course cover?

Educating with Unifiedknowledge introduces an approach to learning where maths, culture, art, nature and science are explored in ways that make education properly connected to classical and contemporary African (Black) culture.  The course defines the culture and objectives of the pedagogy (the approach to learning).  Then explores its principles (guiding ideas), processes (ways of working) and protocols (codes of conduct & etiquette) used to empower you and those in your care in this revolutionary educational practice and way.

You will gain a rich insight to each of these points and the oversight of how they interrelate with each other.

A full bullet point summary is presented at the Abundance Centres (UK) website: here.

Unifiedknowledge pedagogy bullet points

 uKnow Vision Tree

ሐሺማ:: Hashima (respect) :: For those interested in the grand vision of Unifiedknowledge Global do check out our uKnow Vision Tree, a scalable mindmap of our masterplan in summary.

View the grand vision of Unifiedknowledge Global, 

check out our uKnow Vision Tree, a scalable mindmap 

of our masterplan in summary.

Educating with Unifiedknowledge: Foundation Course Two is ideal for you if your responsibilities involves identifying learning needs, planning for learning, engaging learners with differing characteristics, and assessing learning. 

Level two, building on level one,  provides more in-depth application of the Unifiedknowledge approach to education; 1) Culture, 2) Objiectives, 3) Principles, Processes, Protocols of Practice.

This course comprises units including:

  • Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong and family directed learning
  • Moving towards the overstanding of inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong and family directed learning
  • Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in learning (educational practices)
  • Learning Objective Achievement Tools for Learners and Teachers
  • Manage learning and development in groups
  • Principles of assessment in the Unifiedknowledge approach to education.

Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1 - uGo Deep Short Course Guidance

Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1

This "uGo Deep Short Course" supports purchasers of the Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1 go deeply into the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level.

Watch this intro video for a taster:

The team at Peoplescience have produced this poster, it powerfully introduces the biological structures in hair from the root to the elemental level. Here is a taster video ( where Astehmari Batekun, as the Principal Producer speaks on the many areas covered by this great educational learning resource, we've highlighted the importance of these study areas as keys to enhancing knowledge of Self.

Purchasers of this unique and brilliant poster can also apply for access to the full online version which allows high definition detailed zoom in "google map" style on your PC, phone or tablet ! This is a great compliment to having the physical poster, do enjoy the fullness. Apply here now:, confirm your name, date and place of poster purchase for full and free access online.

This learning resource introduces hair structures in a powerful new way, it gently brings to mind all the key maths, biology and chemistry ideas that are needed for critical overstandings and enhanced visualisation. For the first time it features the African coiled hair structure in a high quality biological cross section display, however it should be noted that the poster's key learning points are relevant to all people. Produced in the pedagogy of Unifiedknowledge this poster transcends "hair" as it covers core ideas that relate cross-curricular (integrated learning).

Hair Structure Science - Poster Sheet 1 :
uGo Deep Short Course Guidance

Units of Learning:

  1. Introduction to course and Unifiedknowledge
  2. [0] Water
  3. [1] Three Classic Questions: Number, Measure & Ratio
  4. [2] Exponents and the Unit of Power
  5. [3] Reciprocal
  6. [4] Logarithm
  7. Going inside 1 Metre – prepare for advance visualisation
  8. Detailed cross section of skin and hair structures (African coil)
  9. Hair coil strength principles
  10. Keratin protein
  11. Polypeptide backbone structure
  12. Amino Acids
  13. Five key elements
  14. Sub atomic elements, iconic metaphor
  15. Periodic Table – spiral form
  16. [5] Ions
  17. [6] Water's self-ionisation process
  18. [7] Isotopes
  19. [8] pH (the Acid : Base ratio)
  20. [9] The Mole
  21. Organic apple cider vinegar treatment idea
  22. Summary of powers to be gained by these studies

GWU URLM SL Alama is a tool to help One clearly state, visualise and achieve One’s objectives (goals).  It is an objective achievement tool.  It is designed to give special advantage to yeht’mr urwuk’eht (unifiedknowledge) learners and educators. These Ones are the foundation membership of Schools Of Unified Learning (SOUL), Abundance Centres (UK), our eGroups and other associated networks. This tool is useful to ALL people who have objectives.

And so everyone counts ! Everyone benefits from…

GWU URLM SL Alama [click to view / download]

This objective achievement course will help you explore and grasp this powerful  yeht’mr urwuk’eht (unifiedknowledge) tool, bringing to “light” (endarkening, enriching) the art and science of getting from where One is now to where One wants to be in the future. It helps us honour our responsibility to bring our vision into “reality”.

Abit's Secret: Overstanding the Warrior's Province

creative allegory on the profound nature of space and life. Meta & Quantum – Physics & Maths for both young and maturing children, families and teachers too.

This course is based on the book Abit's Secret:

Abit's Secret reveals a new creative and integrated way to learn the first key ideas of inner and outer space;  Now Science, the Arts & Maths are naturally unified fun for all.

Abit's Secret book cover

ISBN: 978-0-9528229-8-1, A5 size, 100 pages.

Abit's Secret is an imaginary pop-up book that journeys deeply into space to reveal its beautiful creative patterns (as found when studying life with maths and science).  As an 'edutaining' story expressed in the classic የጥምር፡ዕውቀት፡፡ unifiedknowledge way, it connects us to the deepest ideas of energy, matter and mind as children, families and the young at heart globally.  Parents and teachers work through this story with the young Ones until they can fly through it themselves as truly independent learners. Remember, as interests pop-up nurture and guide them.

Order your copy of the book now, then do this course to gain the deepest overstanding.